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Z velikim veseljem predstavljam našega gostujočega predavatelja Chidanando, ki prihaja v Slovenijo in v naš Mokini yoga center. Z nami je delil nekaj modrosti, v krajšem intervjuju. Seveda, kot sam pravi, vsako vprašanje potrebuje še daljši in poglobljen odgovor, a toliko za navdih in povabilo na predavanje, ki bo 26. novembra. Intervju je v angleškem jeziku in ga nisem prevajala, saj se lahko “izgubi” esenca odgovorov.


1. Happiness..the state we all wish to achieve/be happy..Is that even possible? I mean all the time.

If you try and search for external happiness it will always be limited. True happiness can only be found when one understands the relationship between the world, the self and the Divine. This requires us to go within. 

2. What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation?

Mindfulness leads one to meditation. Mindfulness is about being aware of every action one does and being present in the moment. Mindfulness is a modern day term given to something that has existed for a very long time in Hinduism called ‘Kriya,’ action with awareness. When one becomes more aware of every action and starts to be in the present, one is able to begin meditation.  The goal of meditation is to understand the relationship between the world, the self and the Divine, as mentioned above for question 1. Meditation in Hinduism has a more spiritual context, and it requires one to completely calm the mind, focus inwards and ultimately realise the truth about oneself. Of course, meditation is a complex term that can not be simply defined in one paragraph, and it is something that I will discuss in length at the talk. 

3. Do you have any simple technique/tips that everyone can use in everyday life?

Try your best in every moment to see the Divine in others and serve them in everything that you do. When you selflessly serve others, you will realise yourself.  

4. You travel around the world. What impresses you the most?

The hospitality and love of people. 

5. Trust and surrencer, we hear that a lot of times when we listen to Gurus. But sometimes is very difficult. What to do when we have obstacles in life?

Surrender and trust needs to be focused on an object. Trusting and surrendering to the Divine is not very easy as the Divine is something that is hard to comprehend with the mind. In Hinduism, we say that one should try and surrender and trust the Spiritual Master, who is the embodiment of the Divine in a body. To find a true Master is only GRACE. But if one is lucky enough to find a true Spiritual Master then one needs to have faith in the master that they are capable of leading us from the darkness to light. To build that faith is not easy. There is no ‘magic key’ for this process.  When obstacles come one must try and be obedient in the Master’s words and try and follow the teachings of the Master in the best way possible. This is the ‘easiest’ way. 

6. What do you believe in?

I am a servant of the Lord. 

7. How to stay in heart energy?

Just Love

8. Please describe your lecture shortly. Who should come, what will participants learn?

The talk will be based on the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient set of yoga techniques that focuses on calming the mind and attaining inner peace. While modern-day yoga is based on physical postures to help our bodies, the ancient Yogis knew that the body is limited and originally taught yoga as a way to realise lasting tranquillity and satisfaction of life. The talk covers the purpose as well as the goal of life, based on the yoga shastras contained in the Bhagavad Gita. It’s for everyone this is struggling to find meaning in their work and relationships and are looking for a way to find true happiness.


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Predavanje: Dragocene modrosti o meditaciji

Predavatelj: Chidananda, avtor knjige The Mindful Yogi, ki potuje po celem svetu in predaja starodavno vedsko znanje.

Termin: Ponedeljek, 26. november ob 18:00 uri

Lokacija: Mokini yoga center, Forsterjeva 40, Ljubljana

Obvezna prijava na mejl:, 041-873-154 ( ga. Nataša )

Investicija: 30€

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V veliko veselje mi je, da je Chidananda tudi predavatelj v okviru učiteljskega tečaja Mokini yoga school RYS 200.